Friday, October 28, 2016

Why Do Cats Meow?

  ðŸˆWhy Do Cats Meow?🐈

A long time ago in an bright and sunny forest, there lived an unusual creature. It had White soft fluffy fur with hints of Black, it also had razor sharp claws on the end of each paw. This creature was a Cat, named Snowball. She and her cat friends would play around all day playing games like: hide and seek in the tall growing grass. But there was a problem in the forest, a vicious Lion named Leo. He always prowled around where the cats lived. Every time he crept  into the Cat’s habitat, he would steal all the food .

Leo lived on the other side of the forest where it was dark and gloomy. Animals that lived there were starving and had to hunt for other living creatures to eat. Leo said with a snap “GIVE ME ALL YOUR FOOD OR I WILL HAVE YOU FOR MY DINNER!!!”. All the Cat’s got so scared they ran away as fast as they could, Leo on the other hand took every last piece of there food that was stocked up for the Winter.

Leo left with all the Cat’s food. “This is not fair” explained Snowball, “we need to stick up for ourselves and stop Leo from eating all our crops and food”. All the other Cat’s clambered out from hiding and started to listen to Snowball. Other Cat’s yelled “but what if we're to scared too?” Snowball explained “do you want our food to get eaten before we have the time to, or do you want to starve? Or do you want to stick up for yourself and fight back?”. Soon enough all of the Cat’s were cheering for Snowball and started to organize when they would attack. Night fell quickly most of the Cat’s dozed off to sleep except for a couple who were setting up a trap, part of the plan was gathering some food for Leo to take.

Morning was exciting, all the Cat’s were up early and ready to wait for Leo to come. All of a sudden Leo entered with a... “ROAR”!!!! All the Cat’s ran away into hiding not according to plan so only Snowball was left, “Leo why are you taking our only food and crops?” Snowball asked. Leo was furious “NOBODY POKES INTO MY BUSINESS EVER, NOW I WILL EAT YOU!!!”. At that moment something amazing happened, a bright sparkly shiny beam appeared out of completely nowhere. Snowball started to float into it and then…. MEOW!!!!! It was so loud that Leo jumped up in fright,  he jumped so high he nearly touched the trees then he landed and scurried back to his part of the forest to never be seen again. As for Snowball, she slowly drifted down to the cold ground and fainted.

    All the Cat’s had worried faces then, they keeled down in silence and hummed a little tune. Snowball’s parents came out and saw Snowball lying on the cold ground. A burst of wind made chills down her parents spines. Suddenly, A beautiful Rainbow glimmered down on Snowball then, a MIRACLE happened ….

Snowball slowly started to open her eyes. She was confused “what happened?” she asked, “I DON’T KNOW BUT AT LEAST YOUR ALIVE!!!” Her parents ran up to Snowball and gave her a big hug. Snowball stood up on top of a barrel and said “I solidly promise that this village will never get harmed again”, from that day on the village was calm and peaceful and all the cats knew they would have to earn their meow.
Here are some of the characters in a pic collage:
yin_yan_cats.jpgScreenshot 2016-10-18 at 10.49.19 AM.png150324154022-12-internet-cats-restricted-super-169.jpgScreenshot 2016-10-19 at 10.53.25 AM.pngcatforest.jpgScreenshot 2016-10-18 at 10.47.15 AM.png
Here in the top right corner we have Snowball’s Parents, under that is Snowball, next to Snowball is Leo, next to Leo is where the good Cat’s live and the picture of all the Cat’s are is the other Cat villagers.                                                                                     

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