Monday, June 27, 2016

Who invented the slinky?

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The slinky was invented in 1943 by Richard James. A Slinky is a toy that can perform quite a lot of tricks, including going down a number of stairs going over itself over and over again. It reforms itself and with the power of gravity. The Slinky was actually made on accident weird right? Richard was working hard to try and make some sort of springs to keep some fragile ship equipment safe while it glided across the sea. He accidentally knocked off some samples he made off a shelf and watched them gracefully walk down the stairs instead of falling. With help from his wife Betty James and together they thought up a plan to turn his mistaken invention into the next big novelty toy. Richard’s wife skimmed and scanned through the WHOLE dictionary to find a appropriate name for the invention and came up with “Slinky”. The couple borrowed 500$ to test the first few Slinky's. The first 400 Slinky's were sold in MINUTES! Soon enough there was an advertisement made for Slinky's with a jingle and the customers loved it.  “What walks down stairs alone or in pairs and makes a slinky sound?” Still at the end of the 20th century and 250 Slinky's later people still buy them today.

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